Using Python “timeit” to time functions

Python’s timeit module is not intuitive for me.

Steve D’Aprano’s thread on the python mailing list:  Timing a function object… and especially Carl Bank’s response of

def foo(x):
    return x+1

import timeit
timeit.Timer("foo(1)","from __main__ import foo")

was a godsend!

Reading this hint contradicted my blithe statement to friend this morning that “the only time __main__ appears in user code is to determine when a script is being run form the command line”.  Such ignorance and folly!


3 Comments on “Using Python “timeit” to time functions”

  1. Titus Barik says:

    I ran into a similar situation this morning. However, it looks like your first and second links to the Python mailing list are broken.

  2. […] this is a wart, not a general python namespace problem. Main thread:… has links to other discussions about […]

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