Bits and Bites — Programming First Steps (free class)

After reading Kirrily Roberts’ OSCON Keynote, and links from there to
GeekFeminism (a via Lindsey Kuper), I’ve been riled up about barriers to access in the programming community. I come from a non-traditional programming background (more on that in later journals), and had a lot of baggage about the mystique of programming. So, a friend and I decided to do something about it, and have some free classes for non-traditional programmers through the Twin Cities Experimental College.

Bits and Bites — Programming First Steps

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When Great Features Aren’t Enough: Twisted, Tornado, the Zero-Step, and Activation Energy

Fresh on the heels of Tornado’s release, and Glyph’s response to it (note 1) and others, I’ve been thinking about why Tornado so excites me.

Twisted is a robust, powerful, scalable asynchronous web framework (among other things). We have used it successfully in the past. Taking them at their word, Tornado is scalable, but focused on http and much less fully featured than Twisted, it does provide authentication pieces (awesome!), and some other utilities.  In architectural terms, Glyph is probably right that Tornado is incomplete (to be polite).

I still want to use Tornado.

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