Bits and Bites — Programming First Steps (free class)

After reading Kirrily Roberts’ OSCON Keynote, and links from there to
GeekFeminism (a via Lindsey Kuper), I’ve been riled up about barriers to access in the programming community. I come from a non-traditional programming background (more on that in later journals), and had a lot of baggage about the mystique of programming. So, a friend and I decided to do something about it, and have some free classes for non-traditional programmers through the Twin Cities Experimental College.

Bits and Bites — Programming First Steps

Times: Wednesdays, 7-9pm from 9/30-11/11

Do you think that programmers are born with keyboards in their hands? Programmers are made, not born — you too can code with the best of them. If you’re interested in breaking down the barriers and mystique around programming, join us! Learn to code in a chill, non-judgmental environment.

Your facilitators, Gregg and Amanda, come from non-traditional programming backgrounds, and used to be N00bs. We have no patience for alpha geeks, macho baloney, and geek superiority.

Our big project is a web application that allows you to play a “Choose Your Own Adventure” that you write yourself! (example: Mysterious House).

All instruction is done in the Python language, a free, open-source, cross-platform, powerful yet easy to learn language. We’ll help get you going, introducing new concepts weekly. There will be hands-on assignments, lots of time for questions, and a loosely structured feel. Hacking is about liberation and democratizing power.

Prerequisites: Access to a computer where you can run or install programs. Online only is fine, but learning is better in meat space (where you’ll need access to a laptop, or really strong arms to haul your desktop).

Programmers with experience are also welcome as learners or mentors.

Please let us know about any requirements around mobility, neurodiversity, or child-care needs, and we will do our best to meet them.

Contact me through ExCo (better) or through gregg.lind at the gmail if you want to be involved.

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