Snippet: Size of PostgreSQL Tables using SqlAlchemy

This does a decent job of getting approximate sizes of tables and indexes in a PG table, using SA.

# SELECT pg_database_size('geekdb');
# with indexes
# SELECT pg_size_pretty(pg_total_relation_size('big_table'));
# without
# SELECT pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size('big_table'));

from sqlalchemy import MetaData

dbparts = dict(user = some_user,
    pw = some_user,
    db = somedb,
    host = localhost)
dburi = "postgresql://%(user)s:%(pw)s@%(host)s/%(dd)s" % dbparts

def table_sizes(dburi,pretty=False):
        dburl.  string.  url of of the db to be reflected
        prettyprint. bool.  make the indexes into GB or whatnot

            {table_name:  {'_total': int, '_table': int,
                'indexes':  {'idx1': int}}}
    Note:  Only works on PG, using PG specific items
    out = dict()
    m = MetaData(dburi)
    e = lambda x: m.bind.execute(x).first()[0]
    q_pretty_total = "SELECT pg_size_pretty(pg_total_relation_size('%s'))"
    q_pretty_relation = "SELECT pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size('%s'))"
    q_total = "SELECT pg_total_relation_size('%s')"
    q_relation = "SELECT pg_relation_size('%s')"

    for table_name,table in m.tables.iteritems():
        t = dict()
        if pretty:
            t['_total'] = e(q_pretty_total % table_name)
            t['_table'] = e(q_pretty_relation % table_name)
            t['_total'] = e(q_total % table_name)
            t['_table'] = e(q_relation % table_name)
        for idx in table.indexes:
            name =
            if pretty:
                t[name] = e(q_pretty_relation % name)
                t[name] = e(q_relation % name)
        out[table_name] = t
    return out

One Comment on “Snippet: Size of PostgreSQL Tables using SqlAlchemy”

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