About Gregg Lind

Gregg Lind is a professional programmer living in  Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.   Originally from Massachusetts, he stayed in the midwest after earning an undergrad degree in anthropology and biology from Grinnell.  After a few years of shovelbumming, he found himself in Milwaukee, with weak prospects.  After conning his way into a statistics job, and realizing that the people asking him for advice knew even less than he did about numbers, he decided to do the normal thing, and actually return to school, earning his M.S. from the U of Minnesota’s School of Public Health’s Division of Biostatistics in 2005.

From there, it’s been up, up, up, including a stint at the U of M Epidemiology Department where he worked on statistical genetics and statistical simulation projects.  Now he works at Renesys, which is a fantastic place to work, filled with smart hackers, as an engineer on Babbledog.

Areas of interest:  Literate programming, math phobia, gender gap in the hard sciences, information visualization, photography, snooty food, fixed-gear bicycles, Minneapolis, wind-power, dark beer, numbers, math and other kinky topics.

likes: long walks on the beach, financially-secure men, flowers, data visualization, robot conspiracies, bicycles built for two.

dislikes: eggplants, 2nd ring suburbs.


2 Comments on “About Gregg Lind”

  1. Dear Gregg,
    Sorry,I didn’t mean to write Radford:) Please ignore the previous the salutation!

  2. Grinnell homie! Let’s talk more about math, Projects That Suck[tm], and meta-meta identity politics. Or maybe not the last one if that bores you.

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