Working Around Wordpress

It’s official… I *hate* WordPress syntax and its blog entry box. As the years have gone on, I’ve gotten more annoyed with Wiki syntaxes in general. They all feel both overcomplicated and underpowered at the same time. In particular, both the Mediawiki and WordPress handling of *code* is horrible. I do like both POD and Restructured Text, and tend to write all my docs as .rst’s these days.

But Restructured Text has its own problems. Until there is a simple rst->html script (which I should get around to finding or writing), it’s a bit of a hassle to use.

So my current solution… use StackOverflow… that’s right, SO has an easy-to-amend, easy to use ReST-like syntax…. just use the “Ask A Question” box, hightlight the produced text (and in FF at least!) “View selection source” and paste it back in to the HTML entry area. Not trivial, but easy enough.