Release Announcement: Duck 0.1, a ‘simple data’ and JSON Verifier, written in Python.

As a Boxing Day present to myself, I have released version 0.1 of Duck, a ‘simple data’ and JSON verifier. Extending the metaphor of duck typing, I often find it useful to see if a ‘simple data’ structure (one made of dicts, lists, ints, floats, strings, booleans and the like) is ‘close enough’ to what I need to be useful.

Use cases:

  1. checking json (using duck.jsonduck)
  2. simple guards on kwargs, or particular function arguments

Project is at:

I could also use help with it, since I have done a public release of anything packaged in a long time! I could use advice on:


  • pypi / pip setup?
  • license?
  • where the code should *really* live
  • integrating test stuff into

Look and Feel:

  • does what I am doing even make sense?
  • is it *too magical*

Comcast DNS Outage (Midwest – Minnesota, other places)

Starting at about 7:30 (CDT) tonight, Comcast DNS services went down for my Business class internet service in Minneapolis.

For others who are affected:

Change your dns servers to another DNS (this should be under your wireless settings). An easy one to use (and remember!) is the Google DNS: or

See further: Mediate